Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why are beer people sensitive?

Seriously, why are beer people such a back rubbing, ass slapping group of people?  I am always so shocked about the outcry I get when I say something bad about a beer or people scoff at me for having a negative opinion.  I have never been a person that will preach and be one-sided, I am always interested in what other people have to say and love to engage in a conversation.  If you disagree with me, I love it, we are both welcome to our opinions.  Just don’t blow me off if I don’t have something nice to say.

There are so many beer people that post their ratings on beers in widely read magazines and forums.  Now I am not talking about the Beer Advocate or RateBeer people, I am talking more about papers and magazines.  People that will do nice little write ups and most of the beers they rate get 3.5 out of 4 stars or pint glasses or whatever.  Not all beers are that good.  Or maybe you need to widen your scale.  Because if I rated a barely above average beer a 3.5 out of 4 and a bunch of people went out and bought it, I would feel like I wasn’t doing my job.

Is there any other industry like this?  There are movie and theater critics which absolutely rip apart anyone and everyone on a crappy production.  Think of restaurant reviewers: some of the most well respected and read reviewers are given free meals for the chance to have something positive published in order to increase sales.  Do you think those people are going to sugar coat it?  For god’s sake, one third of my comments on Beer Advocate are pulled down and I am constantly waiting for a suspension or banning.

I am 80% positive about beer and 20% negative.  I am guessing I would be even closer to 50/50 if beer people weren’t so damn sensitive.  I go out of my way to point out trends and beers and breweries I love.  I tend to leave mediocrity alone and make noise when something sucks.

I do a little bit of homebrewing.  Do you know how many people have ever said anything bad about a beer I have made, ZERO.  You know how many of them could have had something bad said, most of them.  You aren’t going to hurt my feeling, you are going to make me better.  Maybe I will disagree with you and that is fine too, but I still respect your opinion as long as you can back it up.

Please, for the sake of this industry, be real.  Speak your opinion either way.  I encourage you to use the comments section of this article to say you hate my hair or criticize my writing style.  I will go home and cry about and then move on with my life.  I wanna get better and drink better and so should all of you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tentative Itinerary for Michigan Beercation

Here is the very early itinerary for our trip to Michigan that will begin on 12/27/2012 with @chadmeindl and Ryan Turner

Thursday Night (Chicago Area):
-Three Floyds Brewery
-Cellar beers at the hotel

Friday (en route to Grand Rapids):
-Greenbush Brewery
-New Holland Brewery
-Founders Brewery
-Brewery Vivant

Saturday (en route to Kalamazoo):
-The Union
-Dark Horse Brewery
-Bell's Brewery
-Kalamazoo Beer Exchange

-Long painful drive back to Wisconsin

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Taste of Cottage Grove 2012

The line-up has been officially set for the first annual Great Taste of Cottage Grove.  The event will be a blinded tasting of 5 different beers in 5 different categories.  22 participants will rank the beers from favorite to least favorite.  Votes will be tallied and metals will be handed out.  I will track results via Twitter with #gtocg

Here is the line-up:

IPA Category                                                                    Odds
Lane 1 - Surly Furious                                                          5:2
Lane 2 - Bells Two Hearted                                                  3:1
Lane 3 - Stone IPA                                                                3:1
Lane 4 - Founders Centennial IPA                                        5:1
Lane 5 - Lakefront IPA                                                           9:1

Stout Category
Lane 1 -Bells Expedition Stout                                                7:2
Lane 2 -Founders Breakfast Stout                                          5:2
Lane 3 -Central Waters Satin Solstice                                   14:1
Lane 4 -Great Divide Yeti                                                         4:1
Lane 5 -Oskar Blues Ten Fidy                                                 4:1
Lane 6 -Third Tier Ten Imperial Stout (homebrew)                 5:1

American Adjunct Category
Lane 1 - Miller High Life                                                            3:1
Lane 2 - Budweiser                                                                  6:1
Lane 3 - Pabst Blue Ribbon                                                     5:2
Lane 4 - Hamms                                                                       3:1
Lane 5 - Old Style                                                                     4:1

Porter Category
Lane 1 - Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter                      5:2
Lane 2 - Founders Porter                                                          3:1
Lane 3 - Tyranena The Devil Made Me Do It!                            4:1
Lane 4 - Ale Asylum Contorter Porter                                        7:1
Lane 5 - O’so Night Train                                                           4:1

Amber Category
Lane 1 - Ale Asylum Ambergeddon                                             3:1
Lane 2 - Alaskan Amber                                                              9:2
Lane 3 - Bells Amber                                                                   4:1
Lane 4 - Stone Levitation                                                             3:1
Lane 5 - Sprecher Special Amber                                               6:1

Beer representation by State (please note for the first annual event, preference was given to Wisconsin breweries)
WI - 12
MI - 6
CA - 2
CO - 2
AK - 1
MN - 1
MO - 1
OH - 1